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Project Description

XMindAPI for C# was developed in response to finding a quick and easy way to generate flow charts from C# without the need for purchasing any 3rd party software components. It works by generating XMind workbook data files. XMind is an open source brainstorming  and mind mapping software application developed on the Java platform. The XMind workbook file is actually a zip file containing xml data files describing the flow charts it contains.  XMindAPI for C# contains methods for creating XMind workbook files as well as creating and manipulating its xml flow chart data element structures.

The following functionality are supported:

  1. Creating a new XMind workbook file
  2. Add sheets (this is a similar concept to the sheets found on a MS Excel workbook – each sheet typically contains a stand-alone diagram. A XMind workbook file must contain at least one sheet)
  3. Add central topic to sheet (the topmost entity in a XMind diagram – each sheet must contain one and only one)
  4. Specifying the type of diagram (tree, fishbone, org-chart, etc.)
  5. Add sub topics (child entities of the central topic entity or another sub topic)
  6. Add a topic label (Additional text that will be displayed as a yellow label underneath the topic)
  7. Add a pre-defined topic marker
  8. Add a topic link (link from one topic to another within the same XMind workbook, regardless of sheet)
  9. Add a user tag (Additional user defined data can be attached to a topic. This data will not be interpreted or overridden by the XMind application. Useful for storing database keys, etc. for internal during workbook generation)  
  10. Open existing XMind workbook files for read and update operations.

New functionality added with Release 1.4:

  1. Removed Java library depencency by implementing ZipStorer from

The XMind application can be downloaded at:

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